The Amazing Health Benefits of Singing Bowls

Today, modern science reveals the amazing wonders of mystical Tibetan singing bowls. Its resonance helps in improving the immune system, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, soothing pain in cancer patients, and reducing stress levels. Singing bowls help in the dissipation of stress to a certain level that allows self-healing without too much medication or requiring surgery. Tibetan singing bowls were first used by the Himalayans, considered as a symbol of "the unknowable". The vibrations produced are described as the "sound of the universe". In the traditional practice, nuns, monks, and lay Buddhist use SSI singing bowls for prayers, meditation, and rituals.

When struck with a wooden mallet, singing bowls produce a sound similar to that of a bell. A singing bowl is consistently rubber with a mallet using a circular motion around the edge of the bowl. Singing bowls are made from allowing wherein the metals undergo smelting and purification before they are cast, reheated, and hammered to form a shape. Humans are vibrational beings and healing takes place with the intentional sound application. Tibetan singing bowls are an important part of the sound of healing and it is a valuable tool to help relieve pain and stress. The vibrations coming from Tibetan bowls along with chanting are chemically metabolized forming endogenous opiates, which act as healing opiates or pain killers. Doctors also use singing bowls and other sound therapies in helping cancer patients, for relieving stress and shock, as well as sooth pains associated with chemotherapy and other medical treatments. Sound can help strengthen our immune system wherein the interleukin-1 level increases as an index of the immune system. Immunoglobin levels in the blood increase after listening to soothing sounds or music. Immunoglobins are important in fighting disease causing microorganisms.

There are therapeutic effects of sound to our cells and tissues. Sound greatly help people who are sick most especially those cancer patients. Silver Ski Imports offers a wide range of singing bowls with various make and materials. Whether you are looking for a Tibetan singing bowl or Himalayan singing bowl, we have it all for you! The next time you plan having yoga or deep meditation, grab your singing bowl and experience calmness, relaxation, and peace. Silver Ski Imports is the best place to order singing bowls if you are looking for genuine ones. Feel free to check our homepage or website for more details about Silver Sky Imports !